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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Night into Morning....

I guess the best way to look at it (never going to bed because I've been "surfing" blogs) is that I'm doing "research". Yeah. That'll hold up in a court of law.

It's not my fault..who knew I'd love reading other people's blogs and therefore completely losing track of the time night after bleary night?? Not me! That might be my ET (evil twin) who can't leave the chocolate alone, doesn't know when the LAST ROUND of knitting comes along, can't turn the television off even when it's a boring movie but hey, we've been going to see this one like forever! SHE has no....oh what is that word? Self-control? Yeah. She doesn't have much of that.

So I've been in bed sleeping and she's been out here in the living room, typing away on the laptop that she just HAD to have....so if this blog is wierd, 'taint MY fault!zzzzzzzz Nighty Night or Good Mornin'. It depends on who you're talking to.

Friday, September 29, 2006

This is a test...

I'm trying again to get a new post put in here, but it's only going to the list where you can edit posts. It never comes to the blog homepage. See what I mean?

What Fun!!!!!

BMS,comments!! Thanks Nancy and Nicole. I feel like a RB now..I'm even making up my own acronyms. Want to guess what they are? (Bless My Soul and Real Blogger) :-)

This is not what I'd planned to talk about today, but I had router problems all day and all night until right now when I checked it....so now it's way too late to type much of anything! Grrr Guess that's just part of the thrill, right?

I will say how amazed I am at how many wonderful, interesting, intriquing and creative Blogs there are out here in Blogland. I had NO idea. When I find a new one, I put it in my Google Bookmarks and can go back and read it later. In fact, I get so carried away reading other people's stuff I forget that I need to write something too. How do they DO that? I mean do they re-write and re-write until it's so good it curls their toes? There is no way I can compete...sooooo I guess I shant try.

I bought a skein of regular yarn today, baby sport-weight soft pink, which is going to become a "premie hat" as soon as I call my local hospital and find out what the circumference of their premie hats are. A dear friend of mine had a baby early last year and she came home wearing the sweetest pink hand-knit cap. I could measure that one, but T doesn't know where it is. Does anyone know of a really cute, easy premie pattern I could use?

Knitting items for "a worthy cause" really appeals to me. How about you? Seems like a little hat would make a good portable project, too.

Socks? Well, I haven't done anything about that yearning as yet. I love the vision of myself sitting somewhere with pointy needles, knitting some yummy-looking concoction and someone saying "Oh my. What ARE you making??" Once knitting with DPN's seems simple and straight-forward to me, I'll be able to smile and assure the person that once you get used to them, they are easy. Much like I use to do when I was into crocheting intricate doilies with size 30 thread. That was intimidating at one point in my life...so why should a SOCK make me shiver like it does?

Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. I have the next whole week off work, so surely I can come up with some kind of interesting, creative blogline (BL) to put here. That is if my Emotionally Disturbed Router is in stable condition. One can only hope!