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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Night into Morning....

I guess the best way to look at it (never going to bed because I've been "surfing" blogs) is that I'm doing "research". Yeah. That'll hold up in a court of law.

It's not my fault..who knew I'd love reading other people's blogs and therefore completely losing track of the time night after bleary night?? Not me! That might be my ET (evil twin) who can't leave the chocolate alone, doesn't know when the LAST ROUND of knitting comes along, can't turn the television off even when it's a boring movie but hey, we've been going to see this one like forever! SHE has no....oh what is that word? Self-control? Yeah. She doesn't have much of that.

So I've been in bed sleeping and she's been out here in the living room, typing away on the laptop that she just HAD to if this blog is wierd, 'taint MY fault!zzzzzzzz Nighty Night or Good Mornin'. It depends on who you're talking to.


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