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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Getting Things Done

It's been a good weekend, so far.

First, I've learned how to customize my own Homepage! For those of you who understand computer stuff, that won't impress. For those of you who don't (like me) you'll recognize a Big Thing when you read it.

The idea is to have me go to bed during the same day I get up, rather than spend countless (and it's a very good thing I haven't been counting) hours going here and there reading blogs I like. With the Personal Google Homepage I have a quick-view of my favorite blogs (and there are lots of 'em!!!) and I can quickly see if a blog has a new entry. Yeah!! Time-Saver to be sure. Makes me feel likea woooman!!! A high-tech wooooman!!

ET won out (that's Evil Twin) yesterday, having talked me into finishing off the pan of brownies she'd made (and HID from the family -- imagine!!) the other night. So this eat-well-and-prosper that I had in mind for the weekend went right out the door. (sigh) So today's another day. Go take a nap, ET. I have stuff to do!!

I have beautiful material for 7 (count 'em)...SEVEN caftans to make. I know many of you won't even know what a caftan is. I made one for a twenty-something friend of mine and while she recognized the style, she didn't know it was called caftan. I found the easy-to-do pattern by typing in "caftan" on Google. There were several free patterns there to choose from. I went with the simple one. I'd looked through every single pattern book available at JoAnn Fabrics, and not one caftan pattern could I find. I think the thing is a throw-back to the 70's....

Anyway, today is cut-out-materials day. AND I added a skein of soft, precious light-blue yarn to my Make Preemie Caps project which I will also begin today once I go to JoAnn's (thank goodness they are open on Sundays) and buy a set of size 3 straight needles. I looked in my stash of needles last night and found I own only 1 very bent size 3. Pathetic! How did that happen? My guess is ET's been doing stuff with it. I don't want to go there.

There aren't any more brownies to get through, I'm ready to cut out materials (and by-the-way when you're working with LARGE pieces of slippery materials it works great to hold them together with -- tada-- wooden clothes pins!!) and me and JoAnn will have fun later on today 'cuz I have a couple coupons to use up!! It's a sin to throw away good coupons, did you know that? Well, it feels like one anyway.

I noticed on one of my favorite blogs that the knitter had made a beautiful toddler dress out of yarn she'd purchased at Michael's. Hmmmm That made me feel right-at-home. Maybe one day I'll be able to buy expensive yarns, but that day hasn't come around yet. So I knit with Caron yarn and Bernat yarn. I knit for children who need warm sweaters and now for preemie babies in the hospital. And it's amazing to me how thick, soft and wonderful my sweaters turn out. Some little kid somewhere in the U.S. or another country is staying warm this winter because I made the sweater they are wearing. Woah. That is a really, really good feeling to have inside. That's what I knit. And it feels like enough right now. But watch out! Some of you bloggers have said things that have me humming around the house, thinking I can try SOCKS......and the possibilities are endless! I'll keep you posted on that one.

Sounds like a good day in the making. Hope you have a happy one, too!


Blogger Esereth said...

Why does the word "caftcan" make me think of Mama Cass?

Brownies. Yeah. I just ate half a loaf of zuchinni bread with chocolate chips. I'd like to say it was cuz I'm pregnant, but...I would even if I wasn't.

3:09 PM  
Blogger davidhuron7270821605 said...

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