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Monday, October 09, 2006

It Does Get Better....

A very sweet, younger friend of mine was bemoaning several situations that exist in her life at present...and as I sat there listenning to her.....I couldn't help but do a mental note that she-is-where-I-was at her age.

I think perhaps that's why we hear that a woman's "middle-age" is a wonderful time. I never really believed it until now..

I probably didn't believe it because the generation of women I watched move into middle-age were not a bunch of Happy Campers. Oh no.

And that pretty much is where we get our perceptions...we watch the women who are ahead of us.

My mom suffered her way through menopause. And she never found the end-of-the-rainbow when it was over. My grandmother had become irrational during her menopause. I wasn't looking forward to "the change".

Well, if what I'm experiencing here lately is a preview of what lies ahead? Bring it on!!!

Gone are those voices that tell me I'm not (choose from any of the following or choose all of them): pretty enough, tall enough, slender enough, talented enough, old enough, young enough, smart enough, tan enough, funny enough, good enough, educated enough, blah blah blah or blah enough.

Oh. And then there are the Motherhood Guilt-Issues. Those could take up an entire blog spot and maybe sometime I'll write about those. Motherhood in general was a whole cornucopia of stuff all by itself! Once the kiddies are grown, hey you've done whatever you have done! Be that good or bad, happy or sad. It's done.

So what does that leave?

Plenty of time to either rummage around in the old guilt-closet amongst all the stuff you can't do anything about....


It leaves plenty of time to do, say, think, practice, write, paint, sew, develop, cure, organize, participate in, accept and run with just about anything your heart desires!

It's called physical and emotional well-being.

Does it sound good? Oh yeah. Is it? Oh yeah. Will YOU be here some day, too? You can plan on it!

When the kiddos are screaming, the well is dry and the road ahead (called tomorrow) looks like just more-of-the-same -- cheer up. Before you can blink, you'll be writing a blog that says something pretty close to what I'm saying here.

It all goes very quickly.

Have a lovely day and come back any time!


Blogger Mama P said...

I just wrote about this same topic. Have you read Erica Jong's Fear of Fifty? (As opposed to Fear of Flying.) It's great. Anyway, thanks for visiting me and I'll check in with you from time to time, too. I am so appreciative to hear that mommyhood insanity passes. I'm one of those wack jobs that although wants my own time, loves the nuttiness, too. I'll be sad when the nest is empty, but that will work out too!

8:18 AM  
Blogger scribbit said...

My Dad always says getting older is better than the alternative. :) Thanks for the comments, you're too kind *blush blush* only my Mom says such nice things!

12:02 AM  

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