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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Visitors! and Puttering!!

It's been wonderful to come in here and find that someone has actually left me a message!! Hoorah!! Thanks!

I've had a most wonderful day today. Alone. Puttering.

"Puttering" is one of my most favorite activities. Probably because I hardly ever get a day to putter in! What's puttering you ask?

Puttering is taking a chunk of time and just going from one little thing to another. Come to think of it...I guess that's what I named my Blog about. Every-little-Thing. Little things.

Puttering is standing at the sink, cleaning your comb and brush. Well. It's taking all the Q-Tips out of the little holder and actually cleaning the little holder. Then replacing the tips. It's opening a drawer and thinking "Hmmm...I wonder if I really want everything that's in here?" and going through them and making decisions.

Puttering is scooping up all the little piles of scraps of papers (notes, coupons, ads) that occupy the corner of the desk and putting them in an attractive basket instead. Then, little-by-little going through them.

Puttering is having the chance to take all the yarn out of the storage bin and actually making an index card list of what you own. (My stash, bless it, fits in a large storage bin.) You are puttering when you allow yourself to do a miriad of tiny, miniscule (sp?) things that you would normally never, ever take the time to do.

A Putter Day. A Putter Hour. Even a putter moment -- they are all good for the soul. Good for the brain. Good for the heart.

Puttering is relaxing. Puttering is accomplishment. Putter is heavenly.

What do you do when you putter?

Surfing the Web, surfing blogs...this is NOT puttering. Putter means laying your hands on your belongings and rearranging them to please just you. Don't putter in your teeenager's room. Nooooo Putter in your own space. Don't putter in husband's space. Whoah. No.

Recognize your own space and putter away. You'll be a calmer, happier person for it. I guarantee.

Have a lovely day, and you'all come back now!


Blogger Knittymama said...

Thanks for the joke! I had to tell it to Little Man about five times before he would go to sleep, he loved it!:-)

I have little puttering time lately, but I did manage to clean out half the bill drawer this afternoon. That made me happy!

My husband is a great putterer. he can disappear in the basement for hours and I have no real idea what he's done!

6:30 PM  
Blogger Nancy Dancehall said...

Hey there -- I left a comment on your first entry, but I see both have disappeared. A shame, I had a definition of Demented MILF smile for you! Anyway, welcome to the Blogosphere.

Puttering -- God I used to love to do that. Now everything has a purpose, usually that purpose is to get the boyos in the car with all their gear and get somewhere on time. But, I guess you could call THIS puttering. :-)

9:28 AM  

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